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Bridges of Downtown Portland on Pixelmap

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Broadway Bridge
Burnside Bridge
Fremont Bridge
Hawthorne Bridge
Marquam Bridge
Morrison Bridge
Ross Island Bridge
Steel Bridge


This page features bridges connecting central Portland with neighborhoods across the Willamette.

Downtown Portland has an amazing variety of bridges and includes some of the most unique structures in service today.

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Broadway Bridge, Portland, Oregon


Portland, Oregon


Burnside Bridge, Portland, Oregon


The Burnside Bridge is a bascule bridge, in which the road deck pivots on either side to accomodate ship traffic when necessary. The center span is 251 ft (76.5m). The bridge was completed in 1926, and it replaced an 1894 span before it. The east side of the bridge hosts a world famous skate park.

river reflections pink dawn view of burnside

Fremont Bridge, Portland, Oregon


The Fremont Bridge is a tiered-arched bridge and, at 1255 feet (382m), it is the longest span in Oregon. It is also the second longest tiered arch bridge in the world.

The bridge opened in 1973 and it carries traffic on two levels. It had design input from the public after the very unpopular Marquam Bridge went up in 1966.

Arching Over the River looking north towards arch top of fremont span
View of Full Arch New Esplanade View Looking Down the River Strong Steel Bracing Dusk on the Fremont
View of the Industrial Area        

Hawthorne Bridge, Portland, Oregon


The Hawthorne is the oldest bridge crossing in Portland still in operation. It is also the oldest lift bridge still operating in the United States. It is a steel truss bridge with a total span of 1380 feet (421m). Its lift span is its longest free span-244 feet. The bridge opened to traffic in 1910, and today carries the most bicycle and bus traffic in the city.

vertical bridge view looking down truss rainy morning image
hawthorne with city view of hawthorne bridge sailboat and bridge hawthorne reflections bridge patterns
empty bridge lift structure detail      

Marquam Bridge, Portland, Oregon


This is the busiest bridge in the state of Oregon.

winding interstate double decked marquam cantilever bridge
view under marquam bridge marquam bridge in portland Approaches to Marquam    

Morrison Bridge, Portland, Oregon


This bridge was built near to the location of the first crossing of the Willamette River in downtown Portland. In 1958 the new Morrison Bridge was complete, carrying 4 lanes of traffic over the river with a Bascule lift mechanism in the middle to allow ships to pass.

In 2007 it became the first bridge to be illuminated by the Willamette Light Brigade-an effort to light the significant bridges of Portland. The colors were changed during the NCAA tournament to the green and yellow of the Oregon Ducks as they made their run to basketball perfection.

morrison bridge vertical oregon duck colors view university of oregon colors
new lighting on bridge bridge before illumination cool lights at dawn bridge lift sequence green and yellow lights
distant view of bridge dawn over morrison birdge morrison ducks view from banks of willamette  

Ross Island Bridge, Portland, Oregon


The Ross Island Bridge is a cantilever truss bridge which carries US highway 26 over the Willamette River just south of downtown Portland. Its center span is 535 ft (163m) and the total bridge length is over 3700 ft (1128m). The bridge was completed in 1926.

The Ross Island is yet another example of fine bridge engineering in Portland, as it was designed by Gustav Lindenthal (designer of New York's Hells Gate Bridge).

ross island span full bridge view Gustav Lindenthal Design

Steel Bridge, Portland, Oregon



Cherry Blossoms & Bridge heavy metal night view of bridge
steely reflections lift structure man and nature approaching the steel bridge willamette reflections
max traffic max crossing the bridge flat view of bridge speeding train MAX on steel bridge
MAX train in motion japanese american plaza near bridge rose festival    

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Stock and Art Photos of Portland Downtown Bridges crossing the Willamette River including the Fremont, the Broadway, the Morrison, the Burnside, the Hawthorne, the Marquam and the Ross Island crossings.

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