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Steven Holl

This page shows projects by achitect Steven Holl Architects. Included in the images are the new Bloch building at the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City completed in 2007, Simmons Hall, a dormatory at MIT completed in 2003 and the Bellevue Arts Museum, in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue, which opened in 2001.

Illuminated Night

Illuminated Night View

Bloch Wing

Sculpture and Bloch Wing

Cubes of the Nelson-Atkins

Cubes of the Nelson-Atkins

Rodin Thinker and Bloch

Rodin's Thinker & Bloch Building

New Museum

View of the New Museum Wing

View From Street

Reverse View From Street

Bloch Wing Reflected

Bloch Wing Reflected

Nelson-Atkins Museum

New Nelson-Atkins Museum

View of Cubes

Daytime View of Cubes

View from Rockhill Rd.

Museum View from Rockhill Rd.

Daytime View

Daytime View of the New Wing

View of Holl's Design

Night View of Holl's Design

Dusk Simmons

Dusk View of Simmons Hall

View of Simmons Dorm

Steven Holl's Ordered Facade

View of Simmons Dorm

Daytime View of Simmons Dorm

Building at MIT

Simmons Hall Illuminated

Along Facad

View Along Facade

Entrance Portal

Looking up at Entrance Portal

Logical Cubes

The Logical Cubes

Simmons Hall by  Holl

Simmons Hall by Steven Holl

View of Bellevue Arts Museum

View of Bellevue Arts Museum

Museum Front

Detail View of Facade

Museum Side

Colored and Textured Concrete

In the City

Bellevue Towers & Museum

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Stock & Photographs of architecture of Steven Holl on Pixelmap including the Bellevue Art Museum

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